Up & Over Garage Doors

Garage doors that open up-and-over can work in two ways:

  • Retractable style doors open up and slide all the way into the garage.
  • Canopy style doors don’t slide into the garage; they protrude on the outside of the garage.

There are two ways in which an up and over garage door can work:

  • Canopy (where the open door protrudes out of the garage).
  • Retractable (where the open door slides completely into the garage).

Advantages of up and over garage doors

  • Available in a wide range of materials and finishes so you can achieve the look you want.
  • Steel and fibreglass doors need no maintenance.
  • Retractable types work well with an automatic opener.

Disadvantages of up and over garage doors

  • They require space in order to open so you can’t park right in front of the garage.
  • They’re not as secure as other door types, such as sectional or roller garage doors.
  • They’re not as tight-fitting as other door types, so may let in cold air or debris.

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