Converting Double Garage Doors to Single

Converting Double Garage Doors to Single

We are experts st converting the ​two​ single ​garages​ to ​one​ double ​garage​. We offer a full double ​door​ conversion service, transforming ​two​ single ​doors into one​, making it more convenient for you to park your car and creating more space in your ​garage​ by removing the central pillar between the ​two​ single ​garages​.

More and more people have had enough of trying to get their car through a narrow opening and decide to knock out their middle pillar and fit a big double garage door. Garage door alterations, fitting large lintel, remove middle pillars and turning two garage doors into one large garage door is one of our specialisms.

Over the years we have done more and more of these jobs and have become specialists at it. We can handle the whole job from start to finish without needing to use separate builders and garage door suppliers. On the first day we do the building work and fit the new lintel and secure the opening overnight, we come back the next day to fit the new garage door. We’ll tidy up and dispose of the rubble and old doors.

People usually select ​sectional garage doors​ as they are rigid enough to handle wide spans. ( click on the link to find out more about sectional doors.) They come in a range of designs and colours. They are insulated, draftproof and very secure. You can also park right up to them as they don’t kick out when they open, handy if you have a short drive.

If you would like us to call, have a quick look and leave you with an idea of costs and options please ​contact us, ​( there’s no charge or obligation.)

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